Faculty Funding Overview and FAQs

Faculty engagement is critical to the success of Space4.

Establishing and leading national-level research impacts requires unified effort and focus. Space4 insists on a "big tent" solution, encouraging and enabling motivated faculty, staff, and students across all relevant units and departments to win critical sponsored research.

To this end, we have launched the following internal seed funding programs:

Dr. Walt Harris, Space4 deputy director for community engagement, administers these programs with support from RII Research Development Services. For questions about the programs, please contact Chris Shinohara at crshinoh@arizona.edu.


The limits are there to make the program equitable to all faculty/staff. If you need more than one grant per year, we are willing to discuss possible options.

Space4 receives F&A for researchers who are partially or fully funded by Space4. The split is based upon the fraction of the researcher’s salary that is funded by Space4.

Depending on the funding floor per year from the grant/project, we can support larger proposal development funds (>$100k).

No. Funding is targeted especially at DoD, US Space Force, and intelligence agency funding opportunities; however, Space4 is open to supporting proposals to any agency/entity opportunity consistent with the Space4 mission.

No. Certain funding opportunities such as NASA orbital debris program and Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) are open to any faculty/staff at a US institution irrespective of their citizenship status. We will support internal proposals to such programs.

Yes, instrument development and spacecraft mission proposals are eligible for seed funding.