Mission Critical

We are a trustworthy partner to multiple agencies. We reliably empower our collaborators and allies to achieve their missions by developing unparalleled cyber tools and resources for responsible and peaceful use of the Earth-Moon system and exploration of cislunar space.


Harness expertise in science, engineering and data science and computation to solve space domain awareness challenges related to national security and sustainability.


In the increasingly congested, contested and competitive orbital space between the Earth and Moon, we develop and deploy research and education solutions that ensure that space remains safe, secure and sustainable for decades to come.

The Four Areas of Space4

  1. Space. The domain in which we operate; in our case, the orbital space in the Earth-Moon system
  2. Safety. Tracking, detecting, and understanding space objects (SOs) to avoid collisions among natural and manmade objects
  3. Security. Characterizing objects in space
  4. Sustainability. Cataloguing SOs and managing space traffic

Mission Focus

  • Build hardware/software/cyber/personal infrastructure for long-term opportunities in the space defense domain (e.g., Space Domain Awareness, Space Traffic Management)
  • Develop integrated hardware/software pipelines for applied research and operational applications that enable data-driven and physics-based actionable intelligence in the space defense domain
  • Provide workforce development by training undergraduate and graduate students on state-of-the-art methods and techniques in space domain awareness


  • Projected software infrastructure would provide:

    • Data management for large-scale SDA/STM
    • End-to-end data processing of optical and RF data (astrometry, photometry, spectroscopy, orbit determination)Space Object catalog building and maintenance (data filtering, data association)
    • AI and Machine Learning Algorithms for space object detection, identification, classification and behavioral understanding in LEO/MEO/GEO/XGEO
    • Sensor tasking and optimization
  • Decision Support Systems and visualization for actionable intelligence in space domain awareness.
  • Workforce development:
    • Enabled by training undergraduate and graduate students in development and deployment of integrated hardware/software pipelines in real operational settings



Our research pursues and experiments with outside-the-box solutions for emerging space problems.


We’re honest and trustworthy sources of information, driven by a passion for space, science, and technological solutions.


We work in relentless pursuit of solutions for space challenges.


In an ever-changing landscape, we are committed to being at the forefront.


By working collaboratively with academia, industry, government and our allies, we grow and strengthen our collective capabilities.


We are committed to preserving space for all humanity.