Students & Workforce

Students & Workforce

Hands-on learning. Mentorship. Specialized training. Space4 is building the workforce necessary to prepare for the future of space object characterization and traffic management.

Students and Postdocs

An apprenticeship approach

For our UArizona students and postdocs, we teach and mentor students one on one to ensure they are skilled and workforce ready when they earn their degrees. We provide experiential training on topics critical for space safety, security, and sustainability so our students are ready to fulfill the critical shortage of STEM national security professionals.

But don't just take our word for it. Meet some students who are an integral part of our work.

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Professional Development

A commitment to continuing education

We also offer continuing education for career track professionals in the civilian and military space environment through short courses and certificates on focused topics.

Contact Walt Harris for questions about student and professional development opportunities.


Space4 is expanding upon the university's strengths by bringing additional interdisciplinary expertise and resources into the fold.

Creating a legal framework for operators in space, for example, is central to the future of space exploration. Space4 will collaborate with Andrew Keane Woods, professor of law, to develop a first-of-its-kind executive course in space law at UArizona. The course will be offered to UArizona students and industry leaders in collaboration with the university's D.C. Center for Outreach & Collaboration.

Academic Engagement through partnerships

US Space Command named UArizona its first Academic Engagement Partner. The partnership will provide university faculty, students and other partners with a forum to collaboratively address pressing challenges of human security, exploration, development and settlement of cislunar space.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Hands-on experiences. Mentorship. Long-term investments in students.
Photo of students with a dish for radio frequency research.

Experiential Program

This program is designed to provide hands-on experience to undergraduate students as they tackle challenges in space domain awareness. This is instituted as part of the Engineering Senior Design program at the College of Engineering, where we fund three teams each year. The minimum floor for senior design is $6,000/year; we allocate a total of $50,000/year for our three sponsored engineering senior design teams, as most operational solutions cost much more than that. In one such project, students built telescopes to track satellites.

A five-year investment in Freshman/Sophomores

In this three-/four-year undergraduate research training program, Space4 selects and trains freshmen/sophomores from the Honors College, Colleges of Science, Optical Sciences and Engineering, the Astronomy Department, and in emerging space domain awareness topics. We select and train 25-50 undergraduates over any given five-year period. These undergraduate students are mentored by a cohort of faculty and graduate students. These programs are restricted to US citizens.

Student Employment

Work side-by-side with our faculty to solve real-world, real space challenges.

Space4 wants you! Our undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs are integral to our success. They conduct research, track and identify space objects, and make discoveries that can result in academic presentations, published papers, and promising careers. We are always looking for enthusiastic and interested students and fellows to join our team. For more information, contact Walt Harris.