Lost in space?
Space4 will find it.

The amount of space traffic around the Earth has increased 70% in the last seven years, and up to 100,000 satellites will be launched in the next decade. With that kind of congestion and competition, we are the only academic institution capable of ensuring safe, sustainable and secure access to space. Come team with us!

We offer expertise in:

Discovery, Tracking & Characterization

Vishnu Reddy

Astrodynamics, Machine Learning & Data Visualization

Roberto Furfaro

Community Engagement & Workforce Development

Walt Harris

Our partners include government agencies and academia.


  • We tracked payloads going to the Moon and did prelaunch conjunction analysis using the first cislunar catalog for NASA’s Artemis I mission as part of an academic exercise.

Space Force/AFRL

  • Space4's Roberto Furfaro and Vishnu Reddy Vishnu Reddy received $7.5 million from the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) to help prevent space object traffic jams between Earth and the moon. The pair are creating cyberinfrastructure to characterize and identify objects 437,700 miles from Earth’s center, and beyond, paving the way for a well-organized path to the moon as NASA returns to lunar exploration.
  • Another grant, from AFRL, focused on making it easier for the Five Eyes — an international alliance among Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the U.S. — to share data and surveil satellites using new cyberinfrastructure.

The University of Western Australia

  • UArizona and the University of Western Australia signed an MOU to partner in two specific projects related to space domain awareness in addition to experiential teaching: Extending the spectral atlas of the geostationary belt to longitudes beyond the Pacific towards Asia and the middle east, and hosting the Stingray payload (space monitoring equipment) in Australia.