Proposal Development Grants

Internal Submission Deadline: May 17, 2024

Number of Applications Allowed Per Applicant: 1

Award Range: Up to $100,000

Cycle: FY2024

Will any funds be matched?: No 

Supporting Documents:

Applications: Accepted through Arizona Cultivate


Space4 Center Proposal Development Grants

  • These proposal development grants are to be used to enhance the Space4 mission by developing cultivating research ideas with faculty and any research supporting the mission of the Department of Defense and the intelligence community.
  • This program would fund faculty/staff in conjunction with RII Research Development Services to develop full-fledge funding proposal with a minimum funding floor of $1 million/year.
  • The grant application would include a 2-page white paper, Quad Chart and a plausible path forward for funding by identifying the opportunity through a DoD-related agency.
  • Funding can be used for faculty summer salary, supporting technical trade studies, proposal preparation and red team reviews.

Award Details:

  • We expect to award one or two grants per year for a maximum amount of $100,000 per faculty.
  • Special Priority: These proposal award grants are released on a first come basis. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling deadline as they are received.
  • The latest possible submission date is May 17, 2024, or until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first.

Submission Requirements:

  • Quad Chart using the template provided under "Supporting Documents"
  • 2-page white paper that includes a schedule for white-paper development and describes a plausible path forward for funding (e.g., letters/emails from program managers supporting the white paper) through a DoD-related agency.
  • Budget & Justification Excel using the template provided under "Supporting Documents"

QUESTIONS about the Space4 Proposal Development Grant? Please email